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One of the leaders among the methods of skin restoration and the return of her youth. The preparation made from its own blood contains a set of active ingredients that is ideally suited to the youth of the skin: proteins, vitamins and trace elements, enzymes, hormones, growth factors, nutritional lipids and glucose, essential amino acids.

The drug, created from your blood, is completely compatible with your body and will not cause allergies. There are no dyes, perfumes, and preservatives in it. All the active components contained in the plasma will enter your body in an unchanged form.



This procedure allows you to treat many skin-related problems locally, individually and in all cases effectively. The aim of the procedures is to increase microcirculation in the bloodstream, as well as increase the elasticity and turgor of the skin at the injection site.

Unlike external means, which are applied to the skin and do not penetrate deeply into the layers of the skin, cocktails for mesotherapy face can «get» to the middle layer (dermis). As a result, all metabolic processes inside are activated and accelerated, blood circulation and cellular regeneration are increased.

Indications for facial mesotherapy.

  • Signs of premature aging (photoaging).
  • The presence of wrinkles and dull skin color.
  • Sagging of the skin in the area of nasolabial folds and furrows in the mouth.
  • Dark circles under the eyes.
  • Pigmented spots and freckles on the face.
  • Close-lying vessels (vascular asterisks).
  • The presence of atrophic, hypertrophic, keloid scars and a condition after acne.



The results achieved with this method are not limited to the effect of «rejuvenation». Chemical peeling is advised for:

  • fine wrinkles,
  • pigment spots,
  • keratomas,
  • rough skin microrelief,
  • increased size of skin pores,
  • scars,
  • stretch marks (striae),

Chemical peelings are used in the complex therapy of acne, post-acne, xerodermia (dry skin), ichthyosis.


Lipolysis (removal of body fat)

Lipolysis — the process of splitting fats into their fatty acids under the action of the enzyme lipase. This simple hydrolytic process produces fatty acids, they become a fuel for the body and act as activators for the synthesis of ketones (intermediates involved in organic synthesis), for example, during prolonged fasting.

In addition to burning fat accumulated in fatty tissues, lipolysis occurs in the tissues of the muscles and liver where small amounts of fatty acids are stored, so that if necessary, they can be converted into energy.


Coagulation (removal of papillomas)

Electrocoagulation is one of the most successful methods of removing such skin defects as warts, papillomas and moles.

Unwanted formation on the skin is removed with an electrical appliance, called an electrocoagulant. The working part of the device instantly heats up to a considerable temperature under the influence of an electric current, and the skin defect is removed. After this, a crust appears on the treated area, which descends for a certain period of time. If the remote defect was a small size, then the trace does not remain. Otherwise, there may be a small area of the skin, devoid of pigmentation, which eventually also acquires the properties of normal skin. The advantage of this method of removing moles and papillomas is that one procedure can get rid of a large number of defects at once.


Contour plastic (fillers)

Wrinkles … Every woman has to meet their reflection in the mirror one day. On dry skin they appear earlier, on oily — later, but they have not been avoided yet, wrinkles are a natural manifestation of aging. Modern methods of care can delay their appearance, slow down this process, but completely prevent — not in a position.

15 years ago, we had to choose: to accept wrinkles or to lie down under the surgeon’s scalpel, now modern cosmetology has a wide arsenal of methods for their non-surgical elimination.

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